New Year, New Celebrations

We’re so excited to be ringing in a new year! Twenty-fifteen has been great to us here at Al’s Trailers and we know we couldn’t have done it without your support. We’re looking forward to what 2016 has to offer … Continued

5 Unique Twists on S’Mores

Summer is almost here. Have you started your countdown? Thankfully the weather has been gorgeous and you’ve probably already headed out for the first camping trip of the season. Chances are, though, you’ve still got plenty of prep to do … Continued

Easy Holiday Treats

Perhaps the best part of the holiday season is the never ending flow of desserts being passed between friends and family. Whether you love the taste of warm apple pie or a delicious piece of fudge or are craving a … Continued

Make Your Own Hazelnut Spread from Oregon Hazelnuts

As the largest producer of hazelnuts in the country, Oregon is known for it’s high quality, flavorful hazelnuts. The temperate climate and unique mineral composure of Oregon’s volcanic soil make it the ideal environment for growing hazelnuts. 50% og hazelnuts … Continued