Get Your RV Ready For Summer Fun With These Quick Tips!

It’s time to hop in the RV and have some summer fun!   But before you leave for your road trip, here are some quick tips from Al’s Trailers to help you make sure your RV is ready for the epic summer travels you have planned.


First, it’s time to do the maintenance to make sure all systems are go.  Make sure to put a check mark next to these items:

1.  Do a general check up on your tires.  Nothing is worse than a flat or a tire coming off while you are traveling.  Check tire pressure and tighten lug nuts to assure safe travels.

2.  Flush out your water system.  Using anti-freeze is a great way to keep your RV’s water system safe in winter, but you don’t want remnants of that in your drinking water!  So go ahead and give your system a good flush.  Your lemonade will taste much better when made with fresh water.

3.  Plug into shore power.  After your water system and water heater are full, it’s safe to plug your RV into shore power.  Make SURE your water system is full and working before you plug everything in so you don’t burn up the system.  Once plugged in, turn your fridge on automatic so it can start chilling and you can start stocking it up!

4.  Test your gas appliances.  Make sure the stove, fridge, furnace and water heater are in tip top shape.  Turning the gas on before your trip will also get rid of any air in the lines that accumulated while sitting in the off season.

5.  Swap in new batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  Safety first!

Happy Summer!
Happy Summer!

Summer is the perfect time for an RV adventure.  Just make sure you have done your due diligence when it comes to RV maintenance and you will be traveling footloose and fancy free!  Contact our service department if you run into anything you might need a professional for!

Happy Summer Travels from your friends at Al’s Trailers.

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