How Much Can You Tow?

One of the most important things you must know when you are looking to purchase a towable RV is how much your vehicle will be able to tow. Therefore, for the safety of your family as well as the well being of your truck, let’s find out how much you can tow.

2017 Towing Guide
Find out how much your vehicle can tow.

The first thing to consider when buying a new towable camper is its weight class. You can find RVs that weigh anywhere from under 3,500 lbs to over 14,000 lbs, and they are usually classified as heavy height, light weight, or ultra light weight.

The heavy tclass will obviously weigh the most, so they will need to be pulled by larger trucks. Some of the light weights can be towed by smaller trucks like the half tons or even a larger SUV. And with ultra light weights, you could get all the way down to a midsize car to tow them.

Fifth Wheel
Make sure you get the right size of towable for your car.

Each of these car classes will have ratings in the payload and horsepower which will be what determines how much it can safely pull. From year to year, vehicles will have different numbers in these areas, so it is important that you look up exactly what your vehicle can pull before you purchase an RV.

Luckily, we have many tow guides that go all the way from 1999 to 2017 to better assist you with locating the towing information of your specific vehicle. Be sure to take a look at them to do your research, so you do not run the risk of towing something that it too heavy and damaging your car’s engine.

You can also simply contact us if you have any question about how much you can tow. Then, once you have figured out the size of camper your car can handle, you can stop by our location and take a look at any of the new and used RVs we have on our lot that will fit those specifications.

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