How To Get Rid Of Black Spots On Your Roof

mr-clean-magic-eraser-4-packOne of the most frustrating parts of RV ownership is figuring out how to get rid of those horrible black spots that tend to plague the rubber roof of your RV. From household cleaner to dishwashing detergent to 409 and everything in between, chances are you’ve tried a barrage of remedies to remove these unsightly marks. Before we get into how to get rid of black spots on your roof it’s important to talk about what they are. For roofs that have been exposed to extensive moisture the blacks spots are likely black mold or mildew. If your RV has been parked under any tree that drops seeds or fruits the marks are likely the result of prolonged exposure to these element. Regardless of what the marks are a result of, it’s important to address these marks as soon as possible. The longer you leave the marks on your roof, the harder they are to remove.

Getting rid of these marks takes a little elbow grease and some determination. Before you climb on your roof make sure you are wearing a pair on non-skid/slip shoes and have a pair of medical gloves to protect your hands from any chemicals that could strip them of essential oils.

Now for the fun stuff!


If your roof has fresh black marks that are sporadically placed try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. These can be purchased in bulk or at your local grocery store. The neat thing about the Magic Eraser is that it doesn’t involve any chemicals. Instead, it is made of a melamine foam that can easily remove marks that traditional household products couldn’t make a dent on. This foam is also used to soundproof rooms and studios and has actually been around for over 20 years. With a little water and a magic eraser you can make those pesky black spots disappear and have a plan of attack for when they come back (they always do). These “erasers” are smart to keep around the RV because they easily remove scuffs, crayon marks, and even permanent marker from walls and other surfaces.

What if you have black spots on your roof that have been there for a while? Perhaps you didn’t notice them when they first showed up and are now fighting an uphill battle. The first thing to consider is the source of the black spots. Is your RV being stored in a moist or humid area? If so you may want to consider finding an RV storage facility that can keep it safe and dry. Once you know the source of the mold you’ll want to attack it with a vengeance! Start with bleach water and a soft bristled brush. You want to be careful when choosing a brush as harder brushes can damage your roof and/or remove any gloss coating or sealant. Once your bleach mixture is combined and you have the brush soak your roof for a couple minutes and get scrubbing! Within a few minutes you should find the stains disappearing before your eyes.

Now if this doesn’t work you’ve got a problem. Your last resort will be any orange based scrub. RV Do is recommended. This can be found in the auto department of any store and is used to remove grease from mechanic’s hands and auto parts. Most of these scrubs are RV safe, however, because of their slightly abrasive nature you will want to either call the manufacturer or test the scrub on a small part of the roof. These orange based cleaners will get the job done and can help remove even the toughest stains. Once you get rid of the tough stains, you’ll be able to use the softer methods above to prevent any future staining.

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