Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Rver

GiftsIf you didn’t get the memo it’s officially “last minute” when it comes to Christmas shopping. Across the world “Last Minute Louies” are scrambling to get their friends and family gifts. Most items on their Christmas lists have already been snatched up, wrapped in adorable snowflake laden wrapping paper, and sealed with a red bow. So, what kind of a last minute, creative gifts can you easily get for the RVer in your life?

One of the cutest, most quirky gifts out there is the RV (caravan) teapot. This adorable gift allows you to make and serve tea from a tea pot that looks just like an RV. It’s perfect for RVers, tea drinkers, or just tea pot collectors. This gift can run anywhere from $40 to $100 dollars. If you can snatch one up on the lower end, you should definitely jump on it.

Since RVers are always on the road a more practical gift is the solar power charger! These awesome little devices harness the power of the sun to power up items like your cell phone or tablet. The WAGAN Solar e Charger features two solar panels that fold out like a butterfly and an internal battery capacity of 3.7V, 4Ah. Two USB ports are available so you can charge multiple devices at a time. As a bonus, this solar charger also boasts a built in LED flashlight. At around $60 this item is a steal and sure to be used for years and years to come!

We all know that RVer who is also a foodie. You know the type. They can’t head out on the road unless they have all the tools necessary to make the most complicated dishes. If you’ve got one of these people in your life you’re lucky to know them and should treat them to a tool that will equip them to easily make a delicious meal wherever they are. Enter Rome’s Panini Press, which can be used over a campfire to create delicious, paninis filled with melty goodness! This press is only $25, easy to store, and durable. It’s a win-win-win!

Do you know an RVer who is constantly moaning about a lack of counter space they’ll light up when they receive the Camco RV Accents Countertop Extension. For only $29 you can get an extra 12″ of countertop added to your RV. This extension folds up and down and is secured using a metal drop leaf table brace.

Another great option that is sure to be used by the RVer in your life is a portable, collapsible stool. How many times have you heard stories of people using buckets or flimsy plastic chairs to try to reach something and they end up falling or getting injured? A portable, collapsible stool is not only useful to reach places, but can also be used as a side table outside. And, because these collapse, they can be easily stored, something that is especially valuable to RVers. Check out the B&R Plastics Collapsible Stool on Amazon for only $14.

Finding gifts for the RVer isn’t as difficult as it seems. With a little imagination you can head out and prove to everyone that just because you’re last minute shopping, doesn’t mean your gifts will be lacking. Are you a last minute Christmas shopper? What are you getting the RVer on your Christmas list? Share with us on Facebook or Google+.




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