More Than Trailers: Al’s Has Motorhomes

Coachmen Pursuit Class A Motorhome
The Pursuit by Coachman – A Class A Motorhome

Types of Motorhomes

There are three basic configurations for motorhomes which are described as “Class”. In this Blog we give a quick description of classes of motorhomes.

Class A

These motorhomes have a large front window and generally have one entrance into the vehicle. Some have described the look of this type to be more like a bus. They often have large storage areas under the main compartment. Class A motorhomes are built “from the frame up” with custom bodies and furnishings.


Class B

This type of motorhome is often called a “conversion” van. The manufacturer takes an existing van and may modify the top to allow for more headroom and adds convenience features such as seating that converts to beds and kitchen areas. Many times there are no lavatory features.

Class C

The Class C Motorhomes are quickly identified because the front-end looks like a van or small truck. The driver and passenger can enter and exit using the traditional car doors. The driver and passenger seating can be accessed from the main living section of the motorhome.

At Al’s Trailer sales we offer both Class A and Class C motorhomes. We keep our inventory up-to-date on our website. Visit us online at Come to our Dealership today for a test drive!

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